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Handheld Computing and Pocket PC Magazine, by Tim Hillenbrand
I tested the Magifico Plus on a variety of devices including Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phones of various dimensions, Smartphones, and GPS units. I found that the magnifier did enhance the viewing experience while enlarging the screen image about 2.5 times. I question, if that would be enough for a seriously vision impaired person, but it certainly does help. I even tried it out with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. I must admit that when I reviewed its predecessor [the Magnifico Clip On], I thought it was a cumbersome, bulky device that was more trouble than it was worth. But, I have to say that the new Magnifico Plus, the result of some heavy duty re-engineering, is a vast improvement and worth your consideration. It may make the difference in deciding to use a PDA or not.

MotorHome Magazine, (November 2006)
I can see clearly now! Nothing works in quite the same was as it ages---that goes for people too. You can eat carrots all you want but the odds are your eyesight will start failing a bit by the time there are enough candles on the birthday cake to start a four alarm file. There is nothing wrong with getting a little help, however, especially since it seems as though the wave of technology is designed and sized for kids. If you’re tired of squinting at your PDA, BlackBerry, iPod, cell phone or even your handy GPS unit, consider fitting it with a Magnifico Plus. This compact screen magnifier (collapsed, it measures 2 7/8"x4 3/4"x1 1/4") is claimed to provide near universal fitment to most palm-sized electronic devices---and courtesy of its optical-grade acrylic lens, provides a 2.5 magnification rate to more easily view miniscule LCD screens. The clamshell design of the Plus provides for immediate use, and virtually no set-up time is said to be needed. The base of the unit is covered with hook-and-loop material, and the packages includes requisite hooking material to be affixed to the back of the PDA or other device. The screen tucks down against the device when not in use, and quickly pivots up when needed; a friction screw in the hinge maintains the lens at the proper adjustment point.

New York Times, Circuits Section, (March 24, 2005)
The small size of personal organizers, Global Positioning System receivers, and digital music players means plenty of screens to squint at, but the Magnifico Plus, a magnifier from, quickly brings things into focus. The redesigned version of the company's (earlier) Clip On magnifying glass for hand-held devices folds down neatly for travel and storage when attached to an organizer or a GPS unit. When it is time to provide the big picture, the large lens on the Magnifico Plus swivels up to enlarge the image on the screen, and can be adjusted to the correct angle. The magnifier fits just about any personal organizer or palm-size GPS unit…The magnifier can be attached to the device with Velcro strips to keep it firmly in place for use on boats, recreational vehicles and dashboards.

Good Old Boat, (May-June 2005)
New Gadget—We were intrigued by a new gadget for oldish boaters. You know the ones: they've already been issued their first set of bifocals. created the Magnifico magnifier, a large magnifying lens to help corporate types see their personal data assistants (PDA's). As it happened, these things are selling very well to the boaters among us to help us see our tiny portable GPS screens. The company has developed several designs to work with the portable GPS units on the market.

Boating World, (May 2005)
As the years go by, it gets harder and harder to read the eye chart at the doctor's office. That's why has introduced the Magnifico Plus, an ergonomic device that could be handy for boaters who have trouble reading their handheld GPS units. Portable and easily assembled, the Magnifico Plus retracts to form a compact stowaway unit…

Latitudes and Attitudes, (May 2005)
Tired of squinting or having to dig out your magnifying specs and then try to stick them over your sunglasses just to read your handheld GPS? That's what we thought! You need the Magnifico Plus. It clips onto any size GPS and voila! Look Ma! I can see! It's lightweight, compact and collapses to the size of your GPS…

Magnifico Clip On

New York Times, Circuits Section, (October 30, 2003)
Add a few accessories like a modem, a keyboard and a word-processing program to a personal organizer and it can do nearly everything a laptop can, while being much lighter to haul. Most organizers' screens are too tiny to be read comfortably for long periods, but the Magnifico Portable PDA screen magnifier from helps take eyestrain out of the equation. The lens, made of scratch-resistant plastic, fits most hand-helds and provides 2x magnification to help the weary and bleary, or anyone who has trouble with small type.

Highways Magazine, (May 2005)
Now you can make your PDA and portable keyboard into a word processor with this device. Originally designed for personal digital assistance, through the ingenuity of some New Zealand pilots it was adapted for handheld GPS units in a single-engine aircraft. It also works for GPS units in RV's, automobiles and boats. It is lightweight, compact and can assembled and disassembled in seconds. It has a 2x magnification (a 4x version is available upon request). It clips on to any GPS unit provided the unit is between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches wide and (no) more than 1 3/4" thick; however, custom sizing is available. It occupies minimum desk space when tucker under a collapsible keyboard, and collapses easily into a stowaway pack the size of the PDA…

AOPA Pilot, (February 2005)
Having trouble seeing the fine print on your Palm screen as you call up weather, a flight plan, or an airport diagram? has developed a solution: the Magnifico PDA magnifier. You snap the (acrylic) lens in position over the PDA screen and adjust the height so that the screen comes into focus. You can tilt the Magnifico to read text on various parts of the screen. The lens itself is heavy and well made; once you position the lens you need to tighten the screws on the posts holding the lens in place…The holder collapses into the same size as your PDA. It also fits handheld GPS units (whose width is between 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" and whose thickness is no greater than 1 3/4").

Trailer Life, (August 2004)
Portable GPS units can often be difficult to read, especially when they're being used by your copilot to navigate uncharted territory while en route. The Magnifico clips on to GPS (units) (and PDA's) and provides 2x magnification for increased readability. The 4 x 5 x 1/4" unit collapses for easy storage.

Private Pilot, (December 2004)
Having trouble reading the screen of your handheld PDA during flight planning or during your flight. With the Magnifico, there'll be no more squinting at that Palm Pilot or IPAQ…Just clip it on to your PDA or GPS (it's adjustable for any size) and you're in business! You can also use it with your portable keyboard to create a configuration light years ahead of your laptop in terms of compactness. Or just clip on to your PDA/GPS without using the keyboard that will do the trick as well. Lightweight, sleek and compact and collapses to the size of your PDA/GPS…

Plane and Pilot, (November 2004)
If you are having trouble reading your aviation software on your PDA, the Magnifico can help. It clips right on to the screen and enlarges the screen significantly.

Scholastic Administrator, (February 2004)
Forty something eyes will love's Magnifico, which makes a PDA screen as readable as a laptop. If you're having trouble reading aviation software on your PDA (or GPS unit), the Magnifico can help. It clips right on to your PDA and enlarges the screen significantly…

Sport Aviation, (December 2003)
New Zealand pilot and EAAer Ron Longley and a friend discovered a better way to read their GPS—with the Magnifico, the Universal PDA magnifier. Available worldwide through, the Magnifico clips onto most GPS or PDA units and instantly provides 2x magnification, without compromising sharpness. No more squinting, straining or misreading information…

Handheld Computing Magazine, (February/March 2003)
Squinting to read that tiny text on your PDA screen? comes to your vision's rescue with Magnifico, a magnifier that makes your PDA's screen as readable as a laptop's. This compact lens folds up to PDA size for simple packing and carriage, adding little extra bulk to your regular travel gear…The magnifier works very well, maintaining the sharpness of screen text and graphics. With Magnifico attached, users with less-than-perfect vision no longer have to use typefaces so large that a single phrase fills the screen. This gadget is now one of the first items I pack when heading out of town.

PDA's In Education, by Daniel Herlihy, from Knowledge By Design, (2000)
If you like the idea of a small handheld PDA, but have issues with the small screen, there is a snap on device called Magnifico® Clip On…It clips onto any PDA device and becomes a screen magnifier. "No more squinting with (the) unique Magnifico—just clip it on to your PDA—it will adjust to ANY size…"If you use a portable keyboard and just need the screen magnified, there is a free standing unit called Magnifico® (Combo). It sits on the table or any flat surface above your PDA and adjusts for your vision…

iPAQ for Dummies, by Bruce Underdahl
If you haven't already noticed the following fact, I really hate to be the one who has to tell you this: The screen on an iPAQ is pretty small. This may seem exceptionally harsh to you if you are the sort of person whose arms don't seem to be able to hold the newspaper quite far enough away. If this phenomenon is happening to you, it may be time to check out the Magnifico, a Portable PDA Screen Magnifier…The Magnifico has a 2x power magnifying lens that sits in front of your iPAQ to make the screen easier to read. It's especially useful when combined with a folding keyboard.


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